1. Seasonal Maintenance
    Seasonal Maintenance
    Offering weekly or monthly service to help in the maintenance of your pond. Currently we care for over 150 ponds yearly.
  2. Spring Cleaning
    Spring Cleaning
    Winter has gone away and it's time to clean the residue of natures wrath. We begin by draining the pond down and removing the sludge and debris.
  3. Filter Cleaning & Exchange
    Filter Cleaning & Exchange
    Filters and pond chambers are restored to a functional and free flowing state allowing the system to perform optimally.
  1. Temporary Extra Filtration
    Temporary Extra Filtration
    If problems are found with the existing pond filtration, we can supplement them and keep things flowing right.
  2. Pressure Washing
    Pressure Washing
    It's a bad idea to over clean these rocks. The natural bacteria's are part of the ecosystem that provides clean and clear water for your pond.
  3. Plant Care
    Plant Care
    Prior to filling the pond back up, it's a good idea to prune, thin out, or remove plants that have taken over the pond. Your pond should clear within a few day of your spring cleaning.
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director